Desy Cheng

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Hi, I'm Desy and welcome to my personal site!

Most of you know me through the weddings I've done, as I'm the proud owner, photographer & cinematographer of RF Weddings.  We do a lot of commercial work as well, but that's under the umbrella of VanMedia or Paper Crane Creative.  I love photography; love shooting, editing, shopping for the gear =) I'm kinda obsessed...  I absolutely love what I do because not only am I getting paid for something that constantly inspires and interests me, but I get the freedom to live life the way that I want it to be.  Being able to constantly meet new people, running my own business, travelling the world -- all these things is what makes my job fantastic!  BUT, the one truly special thing that makes it all worth it, is the fact that I get to create pieces of my own!

So who am I?!  Well, I'm a 31 year old university drop-out that spends most of my time with the love of my life, Alisa Sakamoto.  I dropped out in 2008 because I wanted to devote my time towards running my own business.  

Besides being behind the camera and answering emails all day, I play tons of hockey, I love eating food, and I do my best to stay active everyday. I love getting together with friends, entertaining and spending time with great company over food and wine (and beer!).

There's a few things that I have learned on this long journey; some of them I have thought of myself and others have been passed on to me.  I want to share them with you - these are the principles that have stuck with me to make me who I am today and have lead me to success:

- "Be positive."  No matter how things go, always look at it from a positive angle.  Nothing good comes from being negative.
- "Go big or go home."  Don't waste your money/effort on things that are just satisfactory.  Might as well spend the extra dollar or put in that extra effort to make it something you absolutely love.
- "Smiling is contagious."  Things are always better when people around you are in a good mood.  So put on a smile to make them smile =)

- "It's not the strongest who will survive, it's those who can adapt to change."  We shouldn't be stubborn in our own ways, but instead be open to new ideas and evolve with the world.
- "Live what life has to offer."  I believe that we should try to experience as many things as possible in this world.  There are so many things to see, taste, smell, and touch that it would be a waste if you didn't at least attempt to experience it.  We only live once!


Anyway, I hope you follow me as I try my best to document my life and experiences here.