Cindy + Barb {Serendipity}

Cindy + Barb, of Serendipity Planners approached me a couple months ago regarding this highly stylized photoshoot that they had in mind. At first I thought it was going to be simple… and then they informed me that they teamed up with Evan from Flowerz. Then I got a little bit worried with myself as I’ve never really done anything to this extent! Anyways, I did some digging around to learn about lighting as much as possible and ended up with an extremely sexy Profoto D1 1000 Air light kit. It was EXPENSIVE. But looking at the results, I’m quite proud of what it did and with a little more experience I can’t wait to see what I can get out of them!

I had a ton of fun shooting with Cindy and Barb! They both have a great sense of humor, they were both extremely, extremely organized, and I think they did a tremendous job modeling. It made my job much easier!

Big shout out to;
Evan from Flowerz for helping with styling and providing all of the floral arrangements,
The girls at MAC for their makeup,
The girls at Aveda Academy Salon for their wicked hair-do’s!,
And Elim Chu from The Style Seen for the clothes/fashion styling!

Most of all, thanks to Cindy + Barb for planning this all. I think everything came out perfectly! Another job well done!