Dan + Megan {engagement}

So last Tuesday, Alisa and I had the pleasure of going to Dan + Megan’s for dinner! Dan BBQ’d up some fresh salmon, and Megan made us a nice healthy Quinoa dish. For dessert, Megan stirred up a mix of cocoa, maple syrup & yogurt into this healthy chocolate dip with sliced strawberries! Oh yeah, we also had some wine and Corona’s before the shoot =)

I’ve known Dan since grade 8 where we played on the same PeeWee AAA hockey team! After that we both went to UBC, pledged with the Beta frat, and even ran a hockey training business! I only met Megan about a year ago but after that first time meeting, you could just tell that these two were a perfect match!

Anyways, so Alisa and I decided to do this shoot in Steveston/London Heritage Farm, only like a block or two away from their home! It was a little tight just trying to beat the sun from going down, but everything turned out literally just ‘perfectly.’

Can’t wait till we party on July 16th!