Cheryl + Rahul {sunshine coast}

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Last weekend, Alisa and I took a trip up to the Sunshine Coast to visit my old university friends, Rahul and Cheryl. While we were there partying it up with their wedding entourage, on their family’s ocean-front property (its.. HUGE), we decided to take advantage of their beautiful place and take their engagement photos.

The weather forecast predicted nothing but rain the entire weekend; however, we completely lucked out and the sun came out for a bit! It was just barely t-shirt weather. Alisa and I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the Coast was…(we had never been before)

Yesterday, Rahul received some amazing news that he will be continuing UBC Med here in Vancouver! Alisa and I would like to congratulate him on his wonderful achievement!

Thank you so much for inviting us up to your place for the weekend – we had a fantastic time. We are really looking forward to the wedding!!! And now that they’re staying here in Vancouver… it means we get to party up there more often!!!!

Anyway, enjoy the photos =)