Celebrity Golf Tournament

Yesterday, I was out with Chef Rob Feenie and the Cactus Club Cafe crew at the 19th annual TWU/Wirelesswave Golf Tournament! 

Stationed at the 12th and 13th hole (back to back holes), we had everything! Booze, food, girls... what more could you ask for?  Well, there was one hole where they were giving out helicopter rides.... but meh whatever!

Our holes were serving Tuna Tataki, Beef Short Rib, Peanut Butter Crunch Bars, and Mission Hill wine!   *drool*

Aside from everyone getting Oakley sunglasses, Klipsch Sound docks, Adidas bags, and a number of other extravagant free swag, people were also treated to the sights of NFL big timers such as Marshall Faulk, Terrell Davis, & Eric Dickerson.  Presidents of big corporations such as Samsung, Rogers, & Bell were also present at this event.

Here are just a few photos from yesterday's tournament!